Why women buy glass dildos

Glass Dildos

Have you ever wondered why women buy glass sex toys? These days, when everybody’s packing a personal pleasure aid, the clear favorite (if you’ll pardon the pun) seems to be the glass dildo. Now, when you think of glass, you think delicate and breakable, so it seems an odd choice given its function, but in actuality, glass dildos are safer than many other sex toys. They’re durable and don’t break down like synthetic dildos, plus they’re non-porous and easier to clean, which means fewer bacteria left behind. And they’re anything but delicate. A girl can put a glass dildo through its paces with no incidents other than an explosive orgasm. If you think about it, that alone would be reason enough to buy glass dildos.

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Butt Plugs

Today’s post is about a delicate subject matter—mainly the inserting of something in one’s anus to enhance the pleasure of sexual activities—that really doesn’t get much talk in mainstream circles. What I’m talking about specifically is…a Butt Plug…yes, those things that you stick up your ass!

What you might not know about these sex toys is that sexy girls from all over the world are finding greater vaginal sex enjoyment while having a butt plug inserted into their anus. So it does appear that the secret to better sex is getting out somewhat, it does appear to being done behind closed doors, for the most part.

So, here I am, bringing the world of Butt Plugs to your front door, and by extension…your bedroom!

For the complete history of the Butt Plug, the Wikipedia Butt Plug stub is great place to begin.

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Naughty Cunt Loving Chicks

lesbo yoying
Lesbians getting their wet fannies licked and fucked.
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